5 Reasons Natural Latex is Worth the Cost

The trend toward natural and organic hasn’t missed furniture. Did you know that the couch cushions and mattresses you use everyday might have harmful chemicals sprayed all over them? If you’re not careful, you could cause real damage to your lungs and respiratory system. Children and the elderly are especially susceptible to the damage of these chemicals. That’s one of many reasons why consumers are starting to put their wallets behind the natural latex mattress.

Better Sleep

Even with a natural latex topper, you’ll find it easier to sleep at night because you aren’t breathing those harmful chemicals. Your lungs will feel easy and open, and long term you’ll suffer less respiratory problems. If you’re unable to take in enough air as you sleep, your body will force you awake as you gasp for breath. Having a free and clear respiratory system helps you sink into a deeper sleep for longer stretches at a time. It might not reduce snoring, but it could help with asthma.

Naturally Resistant

The reason that foam mattress toppers receive the chemical treatment is to protect your home from fire hazards. Mattresses and bedding can burn quite quickly, so companies that manufacture these furnishings want to take every precaution. Unfortunately, it’s not easy balancing flame retardant chemicals with furniture you need to sleep on. Natural latex is naturally resistant to flames, making it an excellent choice that won’t harm your respiratory system.


The same choice you enjoy with memory foam is available with the natural varieties as well. You can buy based on foam density, which affects how the mattress feels (soft or firm), and you can buy different sizes as well. The only difference is the price, which we’ll look at closer in the next section.

Price vs. Value

It’s true that the price of a natural latex mattress is higher than the usual mattress, but the value you get is much greater as well. The natural latex will last longer, won’t tear as easily and offers a higher quality product to you overall.

Final Thoughts

Are you ready to make the switch? You probably shouldn’t throw out a brand new memory foam mattress just to replace with a natural variant, but it wouldn’t hurt to upgrade if you’re in the market. The difference is typically not much more than about 10-15% higher price.

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