Interior Design Trends for 2017

Article written by : Better Backyards

Exciting interior design trends are in store for 2017, with a few that are destined to transform homes into ones that are the epitome of rich inspiration:


In 2017, interior design trends include the use of vibrant color to affect the mood of a home. Rich jewel tones reflective of Bohemian chic, jewel tones juxtaposed with pastel colors, and rustic earth tones will dominate the scene as homeowners introduce new elements into their dwelling.


A more conscientious direction to consumerism enters the interior design realm in 2017, with natural materials making a dramatic comeback. From African wood to marbled, geometric shapes, with clay, cork, and more, the materials utilized in the new year serve up an interesting mix that is a welcoming assault on the senses.

Patterns & Fabrics

The use of fabrics and patterns for interior design will pay homage to nostalgic periods considered some of the most stylish and classic in history. Vintage finishes and art nouveau designed for nostalgia, hand-painted fabrics from the 30s and 40s are trends to consider in 2017.

Room Design

The art of perfectly adapting a space is an artform that will rise to prominence in 2017 and the design world is intent to create products that focus on the overall quality of a room. LED wall coverings and singular statement pieces are examples of how room design can add a human touch that evokes real emotion.

The overall theme of 2017 is about honoring tradition and history in a way that mixes and merges elements of the sleek and modern with the stylish yet simple. The change of pace ultimately celebrates the eclectic, personal approach to interior design.

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