How to Protect Your Interior Design with Spray Foam

Summary: Home improvements aren’t just about interior and exterior appeal. Insulation is an important factor that’s highly underrated.

To enhance the overall appeal, as well as functionality, of your home, consider an insulation product that’s of a high quality – spray foam insulation. Whether you’re utilizing it for a new construction project or for renovation purposes, spray foam is a fantastic investment that can work wonders for your household.

Improve Your Home Energy Efficiency

For one, spray foam can cut costs by lowering energy bills by reducing air leaks – as well as improving your home’s energy efficiency. Furthermore, through the use of specially designed polyurethane foam sheets along with the spray foam insulation, you could essentially triple the overall insulation and improve your overall indoor environment.

Interior Design Focuses on Aesthetics, Not Functionality

Most homeowners’ look to improve their interior design thinking an aesthetic appeal will make their homes feel more comfy, so to speak. But, by neglecting to effectively insulate their household, temperatures can drastically increase and decrease based on the seasons – which make for an uncomfortable environment to live in.

Spray foam is a formulated polystyrene insulation material that can improve your indoor environment without having to blast your air conditioning or heating unit at all times. With a high R-value and air barrier properties, spray foam is a power type of material that has a unique ability to fill the gaps in your home that are difficult to fill. Quite frankly, these holes are what are essentially causing the structure to absorb massive amounts of cold and hot waves. This exceptional air barrier that the spray foam creates can also help keep dust and pollen out of your home, which is a welcoming sight for allergy sufferers.

Applying Spray Foam

You might be familiar with spray foam insulation, but note that your walls aren’t the only place that you can add this insulation product. There are other parts in your household that spray foam insulation thrives in. For instance, try applying it to your roof, crawlspace, basement, cantilevered floors, and even your attic. While spray foam roofing is often used for commercial applications, some regions of the country that have low slopes or flat roofing tend to use spray foam to increase the home’s overall air seal – therefore decreasing the overall energy usage. Homeowners that live on the Gulf Coast, or other areas that are affected by hurricanes and severe weather, can use spray foam to improve the strength and durability of their homes as well. While it’s not a “fix-all” solution, it still provides an adequate amount of protection for a low cost. Consider the fact that spray foam can help improve a building’s resistance to wind uplift, so during periods of extreme winds, a home with spray foam will likely experience less damage than a building without it.

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