An Introduction to Minimalist Design

Despite all the options people have these days for their interior design, one of the hottest trends is actually go to the minimalist route. This means less of everything, but it doesn’t mean giving up what matters.

While minimalism as an art form can be traced back to some of the “new wave” trends that came over from Europe in the 60s, it found new appreciation with the new millennium. This is thanks in large part to all the technology that focuses on fewer bells and whistles (i.e. iPhones) and sleeker design.

The secret with minimalism isn’t to leave out all the style. Many people think it means only sticking to black and white. However, the truth is that minimalism actually forces you to put more thought into the items and colors you do use because they’ll be receiving even more focus.

Finding the right centerpiece for the room is often the way to go—whether it’s a table, a piece of art or just a beautiful chair. But resist the temptation to dress it up too much.

Minimalism shouldn’t be an excuse to get lazy either. This means your colors should still match; your rooms should still be complete and have the furniture they need. Remember, take as much time as you normally would but focus that time and those thoughts on picking out only the right pieces.

With minimalism, your home or room will stand out from the rest in one of the most unique ways possible: by doing more with less.