Cleaner Air at Home

A heater filter, or a furnace filter traps air debris such as dust, before getting into your furnace’s air handler – preventing an accelerated diminishing of the usefulness of your furnace. As such, a heater filter must be changed periodically to ensure a high level of furnace effectiveness.

Unfortunately, a lot of people tend to be complacent with minute details such as these, as they think that the consequences of not doing so are even too minute to care about. Contrary to their belief, dirty filters are actually responsible for most furnace repairs – which in turn costs a lot more money than just routinely replacing your filters; a greater cause for concern though, is that dirty filters can no longer effectively clean the circulating air in your house, causing airborne accumulates to escape, which may lead to respiratory problems, especially with the children and elderly.

In line with this concern, an electrostatic air cleaner may also help to further reduce any suspended particles that may be detrimental to the health of the people living at home. In a nutshell, these nifty technologically advanced installations remove particles from flowing gases through electrostatic charges. These are efficient in the sense that it is able to trap and filter even the most miniscule of air precipitates such as smoke particles, and also in the sense that it is able to do so at a much lower energy consumption cost as they apply energy only to the particulates, rather than the flowing fluid medium (as compared to more traditional wet scrubber filters).

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