Custom Cut Just For You

Written by The Foam Factory

                We often hear about how people refuse to replace their worn out mattresses because they believe that they are saving money. They think they are making the most out of their mattresses because you can still sleep on it. There is another side of the story, however, that is often overlooked, and that is how some people have difficulty in replacing their mattresses. Walking up to any foam store, the normal thing you see are mattresses in sizes of “king, queen, twin, or single”. For beds, finding a new mattress is indeed very simple. But what about foams for all other applications that are less common?
Couches come in different shapes and sizes, and like beds, the support of the cushions decrease over time. Replacement cushions for these, however, are not commonly stocked on shelves because of the very diverse specifications. Fortunately, there are some stores who offer custom foam cushions to suit whatever your application is to have that perfect fit. You no longer have to “make do” or settle for the closest size. Now you can have the perfect size and the perfect firmness depending on where you plan to use it on. Getting one custom cut to your specifications does not take that long either, given a sample specimen, custom orders may be done within a day or two.

                Replacing worn out foam cushions have never been this simple. For whatever application, size, or specification, there is a corresponding custom cut foam cushion just for you.

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