Decorating Your Toddler’s Room

As your child grows into a toddler, it eventually becomes time to think about redecorating their room. After all, what worked as a baby and infant is no longer appropriate in many ways. But that doesn’t mean the next step is easy.

Usually, this involves getting the child a larger bed. So start there. But they’ll also need other “big kid” amenities too like a proper dresser. That and the bed are about it though. Some people get ahead of themselves by ordering dressers or other pieces of furniture that aren’t necessary until far later in life.

The part that usually involves some contention is how to actually decorate their room in terms of color schemes, paints, wallpaper, etc. Feel free to allow your child some influence here. It is their room, in the end, and this can provide a fun creative outlet. Furthermore, it can also help them feel ownership over their room which will translate into one they’re more willing to help keep clean.

Of course, you’ll still want to keep it appropriate and there’s something to be said for letting them know you’re still in charge. The easiest way around this is to supply your children with different options you approve of and then letting them choose their favorite one. They get to feel some sense of ownership over their room and you get a decision you’re ultimately happy with.

Renovating your child’s room as they get older doesn’t have to be a Herculean task. Just follow the above advice.