DIY Furniture Makeover Projects with Foam

Are you looking for affordable ways to update your home? How about using foam? Foam is a versatile material that can be used to update everything from living room couches to bedroom mattresses. In fact, do-it-yourself foam projects make your home personal and eliminate decorating costs. Here are some stylish ways to use foam to update your furniture.

Revamp furniture seats and cushions. New foam inside furniture seats and couch cushions throughout your home add comfort to old furniture. It’s easy to do this project yourself. Purchase foam designed for seats and cushions to update couches in the living room and family room. You can also use the same foam to update dining room chairs, rocking chairs, and accent chairs throughout the home. Spruce up new cushions with new covers. If you know how to use a needle and thread, adding new covers can also be a fun DIY project.

It’s easy to purchase foam for this DIY furniture makeover project. Many online foam companies make it easy for you to purchase cushion foam for your seats and cushions. First, select the shape that best fits your project. Next, provide the company with the dimensions of the seat or cushion you wish to replace.

Update outdoor furniture. The inside of your home is not the only place that might need new cushions. If you have a deck, patio, or pool, you might have plenty of outdoor seating in need of new foam inserts. It’s easy to update old or worn out patio furniture with new outdoor foam cushions. Add style with new covers from the fabric store.

If you plan to revamp furniture designed for the outdoors, make sure to purchase foam that has also been designed for outdoor use. One of the best outdoor-ready foam products is Dryfast foams. Dryfast foams are ideal for patio furniture as well as marine cushioning on boats. In addition to drying quickly, Dryfast foam is created with an anti-microbial feature that helps prohibit growth of bacteria.

Create a comfortable bed for Fido. It’s fun and easy to design a bed for your pet using foam. You can purchase foam that has already been cut to the size and shape you desire, or purchase a large sheet and do-it-yourself at home. Foam ideal for pet beds include solid memory foam, egg crate foam, and shredded foam. Once you have the foam, you can personalize the bed by sowing your own cover using fabric from your favorite fabric store.
This feature article has been sponsored by The Foam Factory, an online retailer of foam and accessories. Update your chair cushion or mattress with quality foam.