Easy Decorating Ideas for Small Bedrooms

This article was written by BeddingStyle

Even small spaces deserve a makeover! Do you have one or more small bedrooms in your home? Just because you have a small bedroom doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of your space. In fact, there are many decorating ideas that can help expand the area and transform it from small to comfortable. In need of some inspiration? The professionals at BeddingStyle have come up with the following easy decorating ideas for small bedrooms.

Choose the right colors and patterns.  Is your bedroom overflowing with colors of the rainbow? While color is usually a great way to decorate a room, too much of it can be harmful to a small space. The colors and patterns you choose will determine whether the bedroom will seem crowded and stuffy or light and airy. To make a room appear larger, go for lighter hues, including soft bedding colors, light curtains, and soft colors on the walls.

When it comes to patterns, go for simple patterns and keep them at a minimum. A room cluttered with numerous patterns and motifs will appear stuffy.  Consider a pastel bedding set with a simple contemporary design, such as soft flowers and a few leaves. You might also want to choose white bedding with few areas of color. Stay away from busy animal prints.

Purchase petite furniture. Is your small room stuffed with giant furniture? Large furniture takes up a lot of space in a small bedroom. It also makes the room feel cluttered and stuffy. Get rid of all large furniture including king size beds, large dressers, and giant statement pieces. Instead, invest in petite European-style furniture. Buy a queen or full-size bed and petite dressers, night stands, and a petite vanity. European-style furniture tends to be smaller in size than American furniture. It also adds character and charm to the room.

Get rid of clutter. The final tip for expanding a smaller area is removing all the clutter. A room full of clutter always looks smaller. It also appears too busy, especially for a place like a bedroom that is supposed to be calm and soothing. Take a look around the room and remove all clutter from your bedroom, which includes items on the floor, on furniture, and on the walls. Get rid of anything that doesn’t belong. If you have two mirrors, get rid of one. Instead of cluttering the walls with several paintings, consider putting up one or two of your favorites. Keep pillows on the bed to a minimum, and switch numerous quilts for a single one.
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