Electric Radiant Floor Heating Maintenance Tips

Electric radiant floor heating is fast becoming one of the most efficient and affordable ways to heat a home. The process of installation is minimally invasive, and the costs of heating the home are generally lower. Home owners are also finding hidden benefits, like better heat retention. HVAC systems fall victim to drafts in the home that can be hard to spot and costly to fix. If you are considering a heating system for your home, be prepared to maintain it if you want the best value for what you spend.

Flushing the System

The most important thing about a heated tile floor is the pressure in the system. This is why regular flushing of the system isn’t recommended. If you are using a water-heating system for your heated floors, it’s important that you conduct routine maintenance for the system. Your manufacturer may have specific settings for you to follow, but you are generally safe if your system has pressure between 10 and 20 pounds. You may also wish to hire a professional to solve any problems you have with water pressure.

About Leaks

There aren’t a lot of leaks that can occur in a radiant heating system, because the system is fairly closed off. The systems are also built for durability, but leaks may still develop in the type of pipes used. If copper pipes are used, it may be easier to make a small repair. Steel pipes will need to be replaced entirely, usually because of corrosion.

Noisy Systems

Your floor heating system should work fairly quietly because the system was sealed in the factory. The older your system gets, however, the louder you can expect things to get along with the age. Do not take noisy systems as a sign that something is immediately wrong, but pipes that make excessively loud noises may signal a repair is required. Most of the time that a pump files in a floor heating system, it has to do with the pressure relief valve, but the problem may also be with the expansion tank. Hire a professional to look at your system and make a diagnosis.

Inspection Tips

In case you decide to inspect your system yourself, do so at least once a year. Check all pipes for leaks, and be sure that your pressure is adequate based on the manufacturer settings. If you do find a leak, call a professional immediately. Oxygen will quickly lead to corrosion if you’re not careful, and that can lead to serious problems and costly repairs.

These systems are meant to last for many decades. Maintain them regularly, and they will serve you well.
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