Four Power Tools Everyone Should Own

Written by: Toolsmith Direct

Power tools use internal mechanics to do most of the heavy lifting for you. Many power tools have a cord that you plug into the wall, which feeds power into the engine that powers the device, although you can charge the battery of a cordless drill. Power tools can either be stationary or portable, with the portable ones typically filling the role of hand tools. Although power tools have existed all throughout history, with early ones using water or steam to power, today’s tools are much more efficient. Here are some basic tools you can keep around the house to cut work time and make your repairs more precise and efficient.


A Kawasaki drill has a battery attachment that can give you about 3-5 hours of working time, which keeps you pretty efficient throughout the day. These tools can also apply different levels of torque, helping you mount or unmount fixtures on the wall without stripping the screw. There are also different bits you can attach for added functions. Some bits help you drill holes into the wall, others will help you handle a certain kind of screw. There are also attachments at different sizes, so you can quickly change the bit and keep moving to the next task.


The Powerbuilt tools lineup also includes an air compressor, which can fit a variety of tasks around the house. A compressor with a nozzle on the end can pressure was a deck, or the aluminum siding from a house. You can use the same tool to give your engine a pressure washing, great for enthusiasts. Attach a socket wrench to the end and you have made a pneumatic tool with extra torque. It can fit a variety of roles, and comes in different sizes depending on your storage space.


A powered buffer is perfect for paintjobs in the home. You can buff away old coats and give yourself a smooth surface to paint with. Then apply your primer, which you can do with an air compressor and the proper attachments, and you’ve just shaved hours off of your work time.


A good saw is worth its weight in gold. You can use it to make cuts for fitting molding to a wall, or you can use it to cut boards for a backyard project. Blades are easy to replace, and diamond infused blades will last a long time.

Final Thoughts

Power tools help cut your workload significantly. You can get buy without them, but having them around makes everything easier. Reliable tools are also precise, helping you apply just the right amount of power to get the job done.