How Floor Heating Works

Written by: EZ Floor Heat

Floor heating is a fairly old concept that dates back to the Neolithic age. The advanced systems we have today have come a long way. The first systems used smoke from nearby fires, which was funneled through a series of tunnels. The smoke would heat rocks that covered the cave floor, providing heating to those who dwelled within.

Today’s systems use the same principles, but very different methods. Whether you want a system to install by yourself, or a more professional system for your whole house, electric floor heating is an excellent alternative.

Installation and Costs

Electric radiant floor heat comes in two different forms. There is the roll out mat you can apply yourself, which is cheaper than the professional installation. There are advantages to each. The roll-up version is easy to store and take out as needed. It can provide plenty of heating for the room you put it in, but not much else. It’s also not practical to move it around as needed, as there is some setup time required.

Professional installations are much better for people who want their entire home heated. These systems are affixed to the floor, with the radiant heating system snaking through the flooring. They do cost more than the roll-out mats, but the initial cost should be dwarfed by your heating savings over time.


The efficiency of your heating system is generally dependent on your ability to keep warm air inside the home. This means that the smallest drafts in the corners of windows, or beneath doorways, could be leaking literal money from your home. Floor systems keep the heating inside, and heat you from the bottom up. Gone is the initial feeling of waking up to a freezing hardwood floor.

Pros vs. Cons

Retrofitting flooring can be a bit of a hassle, and larger homes may not be able to entirely replace their radiator heating systems with floor heating. However, these systems often free up floor space when you are able to remove the radiator from your home. If you’re building a home, it’s also simple to install the flooring prior to moving in. There is also a ton of flexibility in the style, and the shape of your flooring. You can find systems to fit just about any room in your home.

Final Thoughts

Floor heating systems are not a new idea, but they do have the potential to save you hundreds yearly in heating bills. It will be up to you to decide which rooms are best to heat, especially if you have a large home. Remember that it’s often cheaper to install this flooring in a new home, or just before you install new flooring in your home.