How to Replace Foam Cushions the Easy Way

Article written by : WA Paint

When you decide to upgrade to foam cushions, you’ll learn that there are a variety of types of foam that can work in any environment and for any type of cushion. With a bit of practice, you’ll be revamping your indoor and outdoor furniture.

If you need foam replacement for a cushion that only sees occasional use, then poly foam may be your best option. It also works well for mattresses and even packaging or craft projects. However, if you need foam for a cushion that sees heavy use, you may want to go with denser foam. Super soft foam works well for backing cushions on your couch or sofa or for surfaces that need to be extra soft, like for someone who struggles with bed sores. This will last you for around five years.

If you need something that will last you even longer, the HD36 foam may be the seat foam you’re looking for. You can get the regular kind, which will last for about seven years, or the high quality variety, which can last up to sixteen years if you are fixing up a cushion that sees heavy use.

There is also Lux Foam, which comes in a regular or high quality variety as well. This foam is intended for regular or heavy use, and is great for just about any kind of surface, including seats, benches, couches, or mattresses. The regular is expected to last around seven years, while the high-quality lux foam can last up to sixteen years as whatever type of foam seat you’re looking for.