Sand Floor Office

If you have a home office, you probably take a lot of pride in how it looks and functions. Home offices are a great way for you to not only get your work done but exert far more control over your daily life than others do when they need to go sit in a cubicle all day. The phenomenon of home offices have bred some new and ingenious ways to either do better work or do the same kind of work but in a better way. One example of this is the sand floor office.

The idea is simple. You basically build a sandbox in your home and then place your desk and chair inside of it. The upshot? Get your shoes and socks off and bury those toes deep within the sand just like you’d do if you were on vacation. Think how much more relaxing your workday will be in that situation. Better still, consider playing an album of beach sounds while you do it. Of course, you’ll need to stop yourself from enjoying yourself a little too much!

There are a few considerations to make before you decide to make one of these. For one, you’ll want a designated exit point. This way you’re not dragging sand into your house. Leave a doormat there so you can knock the sand off your feet when you leave.

Second, consider the best chair for the job. If you have a chair with wheels, the sand will get inside and eventually it will become stuck. So long as you can still move around with it, though, that might not be a huge concern.