The Duties of a Construction Consultant

Article written by : Home and Gardens
Construction consultants help implement the project owner’s vision while guiding the contractors through every phase of the project. In order to prevent cost overrun, the construction consultant will give you a cost estimate and help you create a budget for your particular project.

According to Lyle Charles Consulting, the consultant can help cut costs in others ways too. They may help you evaluate and review contractor’s bids, so that the most efficient contractor will be selected. A consultant will also prepare a contract to distribute to the selected contractor, which will outline your requirements and specifications for the project.

A construction consultant’s forte should be providing interim short term management services. At a critical moment, the construction consultant can assess the immediate problem and quickly provide a viable solution. From structural changes to the project or retainage issues, a competent construction consultant can help you overcome such challenges.

Another skill a construction consultant should have is the ability to mediate conflict between contractors and project owners. Sometimes, an early resolution is not met in the conflict and the claim merits prosecution. To help in litigation, the consultant will provide construction claim preparation. The construction consultant will provide pertinent details that will support cost or pricing data and help establish liability on the contractor’s part.

A construction consultant is a very integral part of the construction process. Making your vision of a completed project a reality, is the construction consultant’s ultimate goal!