The three most popular types of foam

foamfactory10Written by The Foam Factory

Have an upholstery project in the works? Need to a cushion replacement for all those outdoor seats? There are so many areas of the household that use foam that buying the right type for the application is important.  Here is a guide to the different types of foam to choose from:

Compressed polyester

This is not really foam but a compressed layer of polyester batting. This is actually an effective alternative for actual foam and is widely used as such. Compressed polyester will not go yellow or disintegrate but will get compressed more than traditional foam. Just like traditional foam, there are mildew and dust mite resistant variants of compressed polyester that are used in pillows.

Polyester fiberfill

Once again, like the above, this is not foam. Fiberfill is blown polyester fibers that are often used as a stuffing for seat cushions and pillows. In order to hold shape, the fiberfill is inserted into a spun and bonded pillow protector. This, in turn, is then inserted into the cushion cover. Due to the nature of the fiberfill, there is no anti-fungal treatment available.

Polyurethane foam

This is the most traditional type of foam. Its popularity is due to its affordability and a medium level of firmness. Typically used for mattresses and seating, it does not handle water well. Any liquid will easily soak the foam. Due to this, most foams come with a biocide treatment which prevents mold and mildew growing when the foam is drying out.


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