Three Types of Sliding Doors that Enhance Your Closet’s Appearance

Three-Types-of-Sliding-Doors-that-Enhance-Your-Closets-AppearanceSliding closet doors shouldn’t be a hindrance when you enter and exit them. As a homeowner, you might notice that some of them tend to be unstable and get stuck at times. Nowadays, sliding closet doors have been improved and their designs emphasize both durability and efficiency. Also, some manufacturers carry a no slip warranty which protects your investment if something were to go wrong. If you’re looking to spruce up your closet door with an upgrade, here are some of the types of sliding doors that you can purchase.

Bifold, Bypass, and Pocket Doors

These three basic designs all offer the homeowner something different. The bifold door is essentially two blocks of either wood or metal that’s joined together by a single seam that runs down the middle. It folds open, giving off a glorious entryway.

The bypass door is typically made of two different units that slide either in front or behind each other. Picture it like opening a window horizontally or how a patio door functions. These doors however, cover large spaces. So if your closet space is somewhat small, these doors wouldn’t fully function the way it was meant to. Y

The pocket door utilizes a space inside a wall for the door to slide into. An ingenious design, it typically utilizes one block of wood or metal that, when open, looks like an open doorway into your closet. A simple design, these pocket doors have proven their worth and integrate well within a room’s interior design.

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