Timeless Luxury Design for the Home

The most beautiful homes always seem to showcase a timeless luxury; how do these homeowners do it? What’s their secret? Can it only be accomplished by spending thousands of dollars? According to fashion blogger, Dev Randhawa, the answer is “no”.

Interior design experts will tell you that anyone at any price range can create a timeless luxury design for their home by following a few basic principles.

For instance, when looking for that classic, rich sophistication, your home should feature a neutral background and one that is not busy. The architectural details are all about clean lines and shapes. Avoid the trend of the moment that might include over-stuffed furniture pieces.

The luxe home will contain some gorgeous antique items that add traditional and ageless surroundings. These vintage finds might include a stunning chandelier or side table, etc. Mixing antiques with other modern furnishings add that extra character.

Timeless luxury inside the home also pays attention to its visual aspects; it’s never loud or over-the-top. Rich-looking interiors are not boring either, but they do have function and are appropriately scaled and proportioned.

You can breathe inside the ideal luxury room because less is more, and busy patterns and heavy details are not present. Everything seems to flow, from the furniture to the walls and accents.

Design experts recommend avoiding trendy colors of the year and saturating the home with them. Instead, use these pops of color in a pillow, for example. Traditional shades that work decade after decade feature black, dark green and navy blue.

Simplicity always equals timeless elegance.