Tips to Shop for Cushions to Use with Your Wicker Furniture

Written by: Wicker Paradise

One of the virtues of rattan furniture is its ability to withstand the elements, but the cushions you use might need replacing on a more regular basis depending on the kind of weather you experience. Most of these cushions are designed for outdoor use, but the firmness might fade after a while. Water can also present a problem, especially when the fabric covers on your cushions get soaked. With these tips, you’ll be able to find everything you need to replace the cushions on your outdoor furniture.

Step One: Order Outdoor Cushions for Outdoor Furniture

There is indoor rattan furniture, and the outdoor counterpart. To most people, the difference is not readily apparent. The key is in the kind of materials and cushions used. Outdoor foam is often used inside these cushions, for added support and because of the waterproofing quality.

Indoor cushions are typically made of synthetic stuffing. This kind of material retains water, so your cushion will be a squishy mess after a rainstorm.

Step Two: Fabric Covers

Another key element to long-lasting wicker replacement cushions is the cover you use on them. Try to order canvas material, which offers the highest durability and best protection from the sun. You may also want to invest in a plain-colored canvas cover. You should cover your furniture when it’s not in use to help protect it even longer.

Final Step: Enjoy

Wicker furniture is easy to move around the house because it’s light weight. As a result, it’s super easy to store before a big storm hits. Take the time to do so and you’ll be rewarded with incredible-looking furniture you can gift to future generations.